*Pricing does not include tax and are subject to change at anytime

Consultation $25 and goes towards the hair costs. Hair costs depends on type of extensions, amount of bundles, length, and special orders.


Hand Tied

Installed with wefts handmade by a person that tied each strand of the hair, giving the name “hand tied” Truely hand tied weft cannot be cut but folded perfectly to fit clients shape. This gives optimal comfort, with the top of the Weft being thin, laying flat to the scalp but still giving full, voluminous results. The Weft is sewn into the hair. This is great for all hair types. Stop back 8-10 weeks for move ups. Hair lasts up to a year+ with proper care.

Install $175

Move-up $175


Tape-In Hair Extensions lay flat to the scalp, are comfortable to lay on and are great for sensitive scalps. This type of extension is good for most hair types; thin, fine hair is not recommended. This quick install is great for instant volume or length! Stop back in every 4-6 weeks for a retape, hair is good for up to 3+ retapes with proper care.

Install (Full Head)                  $75

Retape                                              $150

Flat Tip Extensions

I-Tips/Flat Tips

This type of Hair Extension is great for clients wanting to avoid chemicals or adhesives. This option allows for the most flexibility of hair styling as they are installed by single strands. Great for blending short layer cuts and is good for most hair types; thin, fine hair is not recommended. Stop back in every 4-6 weeks for a move up. Can be used up to 3+ times with proper care.

Install (Full Head)           $120

Move-up                                              $85

Fusion Extensions


Fusion Hair Extensions are very low maintenance, installed by the single strand and are made with a Keratin bond. This option also allows full 360 movement and flexible hair styling. This is the best option for those with thin, fine hair. Great for a customizable thickness! Hair is never reused, a 4-6 reinstall is recommended.

Install (Full Head)           $120

Fusion Removal and Reinstall                 $180



Micro Fusion Hair Extensions are also made with a Keratin bond. This option is often used on thinning, balding or alopecia clients. These are not installed to the entire head but are best for problem areas where you are trying to grow out as they are applied very close to the hair line and top of the head without being seen. This is best used on very fine, thin hair and needs retouched/filled every 3-4 weeks. Sizes range from 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or 1/5 the size of a Fusion Extension mentioned above.

Install           $125

3-4 Week Micro Fill                $75


Peekaboo Strands

1 for $10 3 for $25 5 for $40